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Counselling Helpline for Male Victims of Domestic, Sexual and Coercive Behaviour on 028 7122 6530 on Weekdays 9:00 – 16:00

Men’s Action Network

Supporting & Promoting Male Health & Well-Being

Registered Charity No: NIC 101617

Our Story

If you need support outside of our normal office hours, Lifeline is available. In a mental or physical emergency, please phone 999.

M.A.N was founded in 1994 through the efforts of a group of local men seeking to provide a safe space for men to find support with the crises and life issues they were experiencing.

Initially meeting only as a weekly self-help support group, in 1996 MAN constituted as a charity. Our stated aim is “Supporting and Promoting the Health and Well-being of men in the North West of Ireland” by offering advice, counselling and support in a range of issues such as Men’s Health Education and Health Promotion, with the objectives of;

Stimulating the growth of community self-help initiatives among men in the North-West Area.

Facilitating communication between men on issues relating to their health, well-being and changing role in society and to helping establish such facilities/services deemed necessary.

Seeking to create new services to meet the current emotional, physical and mental health needs of men.

Seeking to create pre-emptive support as well as active response to men experiencing crisis.

Providing information on issues relating directly to men’s health and well-being.

Helping promote the holistic well – being of society through the participation of men in self- help groups which foster respect for both men and women equally.

Working in conjunction with women’s organisations and other relevant groups towards mutual understanding, social inclusion and equality.

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In 1998 M.A.N secured it first base at 6 Shipquay Street, moving to more accessible premises  in 2006  at 2 Dacre Terrace and then in 2011 on to 40 Carlisle Road.

Our most recent move has been to single level premises and newly refurbished space in The Old City Factory, 100 Patrick Street, offering us an accessible platform in the heart of the city to further develop M.A.N’s range of community based initiatives and support services to men throughout the North West.

M.A.N offers proactive support to men in time of crisis and/or safe spaces to explore voice and gain insight with the many life issues men face today.

Fundamental to our work is addressing the isolation men feel, isolation that can in times of crisis lead to serious life consequences like addiction, depression, and in some extreme instances suicide.

Core to our work is an ethos of prevention and intervention, recognising and supporting men and boys emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social life experiences while striving to develop their holistic health and wellbeing.


100 Patrick Street
Old City Factory
County Londonderry,
BT48 7EL.


Call: 02871 377777
Text: 07544802916

Charity No.

Charity Number: NIC 101617